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Helping YOU get the hair of your Dreams.

If you're ready to improve the health of your hair... you're in the RIGHT place! 

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Have you seen my talk on why now is the best time to take action on your unhealthy hair?

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Hey, I'm Tola...

I’m a Hair Care Coach, which is basically just a cool way of saying that I teach people how to improve the health of their hair. Through my online courses, coaching services, YouTube channel and the gram you too can discover the secrets to healthy afro textured hair.

I’ve been writing about and working with afro textured hair since 2010 when I started my first blog, My Long Hair Journey. 

In 2018, I stepped into the coaching space and started sharing directly all the things I had learned. Teaching YOU the tools and techniques to turn your hair care dreams into a kinky, coily reality is by far, one of my favourite things to do.

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Are you...

Fed up of damaged hair that won't stop breaking?

Tired of confusing information on the internet?

Done with spending money on ineffective products? 


Let me show you how to achieve the hair of your dreams.


I can help you get the hair you want and deserve. I will help you throw away those harmful hair misconceptions and habits that are holding you back and help you realise that healthy afro textured hair of any length is POSSIBLE.

"Despite having some knowledge prior to starting, this course was a complete winner in helping me create a regime that is not only easy to continue with but one that has produced results in a matter of 12 weeks. Understanding the basics of your afro hair, is 100% the key of getting the results you want. Whether that be increased length, density or just retaining that moisture in your hair.

I can't recommend this course enough to family and friends!"

Tameika - Hair Care At Home Class of July 2020